Saturday, 17 July 2010

I live....

I am here, yes, today was the last day before our new system software released, so I've been at work today, on a Saturday... I'm not best pleased.

In interesting news though, I've spent sometime thinking about technology... Kind of unavoidable in my line of work, but I'm going to be playing about (again) with the 3D engine work I was playing with last year... I've no real goal, just to get myself MORE into the depths of DirectX 10.

The system software I just shipped has a Managed DirectX 9 graphic front end, written my yours truely, so I'm not as totally lost as I was last year. I've certainly learned a lot about the DirectX interface and data required to interoperate with it.

I've also spent sometime in the late nights (with the misses) watching films, the late one was Tarantino's last offering "Inglorious Basterds"... hmm, I'll give my opinion of it when I've watched it again; as ever around here, first time around my lass spoke through the first hour and then buggered off to bed, so I've only really seen the second half.

As for gaming, still in Eve, not a lot to report this week so far, I am about to undock and try to push one of my characters over the 8.0 standing mark so he unlocks jump cloning for himself. He's at a tantilizing 7.55 standing :)

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