Wednesday, 30 June 2010

GF..... GG.... Nice One....

Well, I was just minding my own business, floating around popping some drone rats in a mission... (don't worry, I'm not that much of a pussy, the mission was in 0.2 sec).

Anyway, I'm just floating over to the last phase and a neutral comes into local... I don't like this, but this person has +4.0 security rating, and their bio and corp indicates they're a miner... But I take no precautions, I align for the planet closest my direction of travel, and I get out the ship scanner.

365 degrees, max range... scan scan scan.... Nothing... two minutes, three minutes... no probes, no sign, but they've not left local... I got wrecks everywhere... they're going to be scanned down...

Do I leave, and possibly have them scan them down to lay an ambush for me later, or do I stay and see what they drop on me?

Feck it, it's a battlecruiser, I got shed loads of them...

I stick around... Watching local....

Bing bing bing... three more into local....

Okay, all the same corp, they've clearly scanned me down. I wait, thank god all the rats are dead... my shield is refilling happily (I'm an armour tank though)... I have no ECM drones, just five lights and I have no ECCM... so if they jam me, I'm up shit creek.

Anyway, they're coming, I'm ready... and voila, here they are, one destroyer, two battlecruisers... the fourth, their scout, is still laying low. Anyway, I lock them and am happy to vaporize their destroyer in two hits of my Medium Beam laser II's.... I think he's a bit surprised too as I just see "Shit" typed in local.

But, now the two battlecruisers have me locked up, they're sending out ECM drones, but they're 45km away. I lock up all ten drones coming my way, and I set my drones on them and start to lock their ships up.

My shields are back down, but I'm concentrating on their left most ship, my drones have eaten through theirs and it looks like they're not launching any more. I have eaten into this target's shield and my first few perfect range salvo's are starting to bite into his armour.... so clearly this guy's not got Tactical Shield Manipulation up very high... but I have a feeling he's shield tanking, by the effects I can see around his ship when I put the camera on him... my armour is getting eaten into now though.

Suddenly their fourth man, the scout uncloaks above me, he's in a Falcon, and he starts to stick an ECM Jam cycle on me. But, with my sensor booster, it doesn't hit. So I lock him up, and cut my guns, leaving my drones on the guy far out... as I reset my camera though, happily he detonates and I see a lot of Russian looking text in local...

So, as I'm waiting to lock the falcon, sit-rep on my ship... I'm at about 70% armour, I'm getting hit with explosive missiles and autocannon fire from the enemy, and there's a falcon above me trying to jam me and firing the odd thunderbolt EM missile my way... I am not happy, I'm webbed, scrambled and still outnumbered... I'm also having heart palpitations with the adrenaline rush...

Anyway, I suddenly hit my groups of guns and missile launcher as one, and set my drones after the Falcon, amazingly I take it to half shields with a massive alpha strike of 2200 damage and then I take off whatever he was shield boosting that cycle with my missile. My drones arrive on him, and as my lasers chew into him I see him turning to warp off. I have no scrambler, so I'm going to let him go, but then just as his shields fail and my guns are ripping into him... his ECM jams me... I loose all targets.

One, two, three cycles this hits me for... my armour is down to 20%, my cap is up to 75% though, with just running my Damage Control II and Medium Armour Repper II... it's had time to catch its breath.

Anyway, suddenly my lock starts on the falcon again, and I press all my weapons again, the moment it locks it gives him all the lasers and fires off a missile... and he explodes in a coruscating cloud of pretty pretty pixels. My lock lands on the final battlecruiser, he's 4K from me, but pretty undamaged... can my tank make it?

He thinks it can't and he's bearing down on me now, I'm pulling 25m/sec speed with this guy, I zip my drones over and I switch to my shortest range tech II crystals (I had been using tech I gamma's to this point, I didn't get a chance to swap out, and forgot while I was jammed... I was busy screaming at the "bastard ECM whore").

Anyway, my lasers are going at him, this one looks like he's an armour tank too, so I take his shield off quick, but he's at 1K from me now, jiggling me...he still has me scrambled, so I can't go anywhere. But it seems he's made a fatal, over eager, mistake...he's gotten so close and it using longer range ammo, he's still hitting me, but he's not taking chunks of me.

His three friends, in their pods, leave the system... This guy is going to try to hold me, or kill me, by the time they get back in whatever they can get themselves back into in the next 3 minutes. I'm loosing this fight, I get a couple of unfavourable low damage hits in, and he's eating into my hull.

He starts to laugh, he actually types into local "Ransom 25mill".

He's trying to ransom me... I just cost them a Thrasher, a Cyclone and a Falcon. I'm only flying a fat pigeon... Sorry, I mean a Prophecy. And he wants 25 mill... LOL!

I'm into this for the giggle now, I see he's turning to warp out... my ship is spewing fire and smoke out the back... So I play him... I pull in my drones, cut firing and say "okay".... and he stops firing!!!

I get a cycle of repair into my armour... and I start to move towards him... I need to work fast to keep him interested, so I throw him 25 isk, then type "Sorry, missed naughts"... the nubwit actually replies "s'kay, happens". I've not dropped my lock, and I'm crawling at 25m/sec towards him. And suddenly I bump him... he was aligning to warp out.... his ship must be in a bad way. My cap is good, my armour repper now has two cycles in... and I hit the "Overheat Wrack" on my guns, and let them loose, my drones are out and on him, he's bumped off alignment, unable to warp out, he just manages to type "no" into local and BOOOM!

He's dead, he's actually so pissed off, or got such a bad PC/connection that I get to lock his pod and pop it... I have his corps now.... I lost about 45% of my armour though, hence the fire in the image above.


I love PVP like this in Eve, I was so sure I was dead, but it turned out they were useless noobs. Or overconfident drunks.

After looting their ships, I had a bunch of tech II armour hardeners, a bunch of guns, ammo and cap booster chargers... the covert ops cloak on the falcon popped though... that would have been nice.

I received a PM from the last guy in the fight "GF". Is all it said.

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