Monday, 28 June 2010

Eve, Eve and more Eve

All this week, I've been bitting and bobbing in Eve. I've moved a few ships around, I scared the hell out of two Russian noobs in low-sec by uncloaking my falcon on top of them (they were being lary about my not being able to find them, when they had opened a Militia mission, which has a system wide beacon).

One thing that has always struck, and will probably always strike, me is the quality of the look and feel of Eve. I mean, the new Tranquility Engine is spankingly beautiful, even when docked (as you can see with one of my Amarrian Assault Ships above).

I mean, I started playing in 2005, and the engine back then looked light years a-head of anything else around it [no pun intended]... I've seen the highs and the lows of life on the edge, I've been a pirate and I've spend a fair amount of time in Empire making myself fat and rich.

I'm doing well though, I usually end up falling into a stupor of mining asteroids, something I find very relaxing, but totally mind numbing... sometimes you want mind numbing, sometimes you want raw materials, but other times you want a thrill.

So, I've been preparing to re-join my militia's. I have a fleet (and I mean a fleet) of tech 1 cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships sat in a certain location, I have a POS Tower sat ready for deployment as a strong point, and I have a carrier for support while I plan my secret attack behind the enemy lines...

I have also though been developing a rather healthy interest in trade, something; as I've said before; I never took an interest in before.

My running tally to far is 108 million ISk from a 1 million ISK investment, in three weeks.

Sometimes markets are tough, and I'm getting tired of having to perform WoW style 0.01 ISK undercuts, on other orders out there.

What I'm going to be looking at next weekend (since I've just finished the planetary interaction skills to level 4) is ... yes planetary interaction, I kind of gave it away then didn't I... anyway, yes. Planetary interaction. I watched the CCP Tutorials, and as a graduate of the Eve-University I've enjoyed watching their video guides on YouTube... they're not overly detailed... I remember how detailed my Eve-Video's were for the University.

My Videos: I, II, III

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