Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Midweek Misery....

Welcome to the middle of the week, what's going on? Nothing. What's going on gaming wise? Not a lot for me, what about you?

I have been playing a little bit on my Wii. I've enjoyed upping my score on all the Wii Play games... save for fishing, I hate the fishing one. I've also got Mario Galaxy ready for blast-off.

Other than that, things are quiet. I have a project on to fix one of my old P4 gaming rigs, this was a rig I built about 6 years ago now, to play Pacific Fighters on in perfect settings, it's one of the first edition Socket 775 Pentium 4 HT running at 3ghz, with 1.5GB of RAM and an "Extreme" edition 6600 graphics card.

Not very remarkable for todays specs, but back then it was THE dogs banglies. But I figure it's a good machine to run my second Eve account on. So I can run all three at the same time across the two desktop PC's and the laptop, without any of the dual install, cross threaded operation errors you get when running multiple copies on the one machine.

I've even resurrected some of my corp mates to try and rouse interest in going back into Eve... so this week is really going to have to be chalked down as a non-gaming, but political exercise in getting to game later.

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