Monday, 17 May 2010

Eve Troubles for me...

I'm just trying to sort out my eve accounts, I have three, I have one (my main) sorted, but the two anxiliary accounts are proving problematic.

The first one, I know the account name and e-mail address for and I know it's been in active since the 26th Jamuary 2009, however, whenever I try to gain access to the account, or even reset it's password, CCP stare at me blankly and inform me the account has been banned... this has my stomach in a right termoil... my bootiful command ship and wonderful character are on that account... I've never stepped a hair out of line on it either... I even role playing being nice on it! But BANNED?

And the other account, it is assigned to my old company e-mail address from 2005, but we were bought and moved into a new e-mail server in 2007... so I can't even send myself a reminder e-mail to recover that one... for some strange reason I forwarded the account registration from the old company account into the new one... what a clutz I am!

But I've forgotten my plethora of passwords, I was always quite festidious about changing my Eve passwords, but I've not touched these two secondary accounts in over a year... since January 2009... so my memory is a little vague...

I hope someone at CCP gets my grovelling petitions soon... My body is about to release the direst brand of arse gravey with the tension of not knowing if my beloved fleet is intact.


  1. Well, I now have two tickets open, I have my fingers crossed. It's pretty good how quick CCP turn around support tickets. It's just a shame that I'm so worried for my account... I'm worried for virtual stuff in an unreal world... help me somebody...

  2. God damn I love CCP Support. They are ace, here's the low down on one of my accounts, which I've just got back from the GM himself:

    "The account was closed as it was accessed from an IP used regularly be hackers. Fortunately they did not manage to rob any items or ISK from your characters. I have now lifted the ban on your account. Please make sure you clean your PC of any Trojan viruses and keyloggers before logging in again. Also be very careful of what websites you visit and what links you click. And finally, make sure you never, ever buy ISK for real money. These hackers are the ISK sellers which plague our world. "

  3. CCP Support rock, they really do. All my accounts are now back in my safe keeping... I just have to check over the hacked one above, but as you can see the GM says they took nothing. Luckily I keep no ISK on that account, and the ships must still be there, or he'd have said otherwise :)

    God, so relieved. All my passwords have been rejiggled. I'm downloading the client now. Will propagate the client amongst the.... erm 4 machines.. which will be needed to run my personal fleet :)

    Then I'll strap on a capsule and step into New Eden, probably next week.