Sunday, 25 November 2018

Scary Big Brother Moment

I have just ordered a mail redirection, as part of our move to the new house... And at the end the Royal Mail ask you a series of security questions to "confirm" your identity....


They are the most scary things to see, they were asking me questions about old addressed (totally unrelated to the addresses being redirected) they ask about current accounts opened sixteen years ago, they ask about my previous mortgages outstanding balance... Really scary things, and if you get the questions wrong they tell you, they know the answers.

This is the most scary thing... I could sit with a credit card, paying a fee (I admit) and putting in the personal data of other people I know and I could learn new secret private information about them, okay they asked me three four different previous addresses... Only one applied to me... But, if you cross referenced this you could build a big picture about people...

I'm honestly scared by something so mundane having access to so much private information.

Anyway, with the move now underway, expect more silent silence from me... Sorry

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