Friday, 31 March 2017

Linux Server Admin : Bash Kill Processes By Common Name

On my Linux server I've recently wanted to go through and kill a bunch of application instances in one go, this is a server where students have been connecting and running carious programs under python, therefore I want to remove from my processes anything called "python".

We can see these in our bash shell with the command:

sudo ps -aux | grep python

To remove all these programs I create the following bash shell script:

k = 0
for i in $(ps -aux | grep python)
  k=`expr $k + 1`
  kill -9 $i  
logger -s "Closed $k Python Instances"

Notice k=`exp... this is NOT a single quote (apostrophe) it is the "smart quote" on a UK English keyboard this is the key to the left of the number 1.  It is used to substitute the command into place, so the value counted in K becomes the result of the expression "$k + 1", i.e. K+1.  More about Command Substitution in Bash here.

The call to logger -s places the message both on screen and in syslog for me to review later.

This simply loops through all the applications resident and kills them off, I've saved this as a "sh" file, added executable rights with "sudo chmod +x ./" and I created this to run as a cron job everyday at 3am (a pretty safe time, unless I have some students burning the candle at both ends).

That's everything about the bash script, for those of you wondering about the students, they're those folks following my learning examples from my book, which you can buy here.

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