Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Development : People Error 404 (Scrum)

I talked last week about my implementing three new cards for my Scrum meetings, I'm thinking about another card... a "Person 404 Error"... When I find an empty chair, post scrum, when I expect people to be working feverishly or at least planning their tasks for the day, but instead I find them drinking a coffee in a corridor, eating an apple staring at a wall, or just bemoaning they've been up since 8, I am going to assign them a 404 card.

My reason being, the developers I'm talking about, do not have a fixed start time, they can start anytime they like, so long as they're at the scrum, the scrum is 10 to 15 minutes, and then they have to get on with their task.  Coffee collecting, and apple eating, and especially bemoaning, is not allowed after the scrum for at least an hour, results, progress and some personal planning are required of them.

So, if you're a developer who wants to do the scrum then vanish... 404 you're not found... I'll be watching... And waiting.... And I'll make sure your 404 card is in your least favourite colour!...

That means Pink for you SB!... PINK!.... You have been warned.

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