Friday, 24 March 2017

Development : New to the Scrum?

I have evolved my Scrum meeting technique, during the scrums I host I always go around the circle, only the person directed by me (when I am the scrum master) may talk and they talk until completion and pass onto the next person.

However, there has been a drop out between the person talking and those in the room with feedback, I had asked anyone with feedback to hold it, but I have made an exception in the form of a series of coloured laminate cards.

The cards are "HELP", "INFO", "SUGGESTION".  When the person speaking is saying they have something blocking them, and someone else has done that work before and can help, that person picked up the HELP card.  I know to note down they are going to then help that person directly after the scrum breaks up.

If the person knows of a solution or has information to help unblock the speaker they pick up the "INFO" card, and I know to note down they will pass that on, as an email or conversation between them after the meeting.

The last card is that the sort of know the problem, sort of have some information, but it's only a suggestion, this might be to do things a different way, leverage a different technology, basically to suggest a new path... They pick up the card, and there is only one, and after ALL speakers are complete then I hand them back the floor and they can discuss their ideas, often times as the scrum master I can leave this conversation for five or ten minutes to gestate of its own and lead to HELP or INFO coming about, but I've also found it to be an excellent ice breaker for those new to a team or project.

They have a documented, easy to access, way into bringing their skills to the forum, all whilst being protected from being pressured into behaving or proving themselves.

So far this has been a great success, unfortunately it has not yet percolated up the chain to stop bespoke hardware solutions being pushed.

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