Tuesday, 24 January 2017

People : Email too Old?

Today I had the issue of someone calling me, repeatedly, and I asked them to simply drop the information in an e-mail (my well published e-mail - it's right there on the right of this page, and they had it right in front of them).

Their reply however stunned me.... "Don't you have twitter?"

My reply... "Yes, but not for this, email it me."

"Can't I send it you over whatsapp?" They persisted.

"No, just e-mail it me, it's a PDF or something yes?"....

They continued "So, how about through the cloud?"

"Just e-mail it me, as an attachment!" I was getting exacerbated with them at this point.

"But" they began "but e-mail is so old".

I felt like ripping my hair out, there were reasons for this request, firstly I could get their return information, second the attachment was over 35mb and finally I didn't want to have any complications about where to send the information.  They had my e-mail address right there, right in front of them.

The net result, so far, however is nothing has arrived, no sign of it... I'm tempted to phone them back and point this out, but I can't be bothered... Phones, like me, are so last century after all!

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