Monday, 23 January 2017

Health : Burnt Toast

Catching this one in the news this morning...

And I already know this... I already know Burnt Toast is a health risk, I remember being told by an Oncologist when I was about 15 that burnt toast was, in his professional opinion, responsible for the spontaneous occurrence of stomach cancer in some of his patients.

I remembered this, I remember when I worked for Boots mentioning this to some folks and their laughing.

I remember telling a house mate at uni and his sceptical look; but then I was rather odd, especially in the final year of uni... I used to cool my toast in the fridge for example (I like cold toast, okay.. nothing too strange about that!).

So, as far as I can remember this isn't news, it was news about twenty three years ago, but since then I've known this, about coffee too... I still drink it, as the oncologist I knew said, it either gets you or it doesn't, don't worry about a slice of toast; worry more about first and second hand smoke, diesel fumes and UV light.

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