Monday, 22 August 2016

Story Time : The £220 Commute

Today; at least the today at the time of writing this, not when I publish it; has been a troublesome day.  I got up very early, the plan being to get petrol and then go to the pony...

(Ours are Gerty in the black center, and Magic on the right)

Anyway, this plan was interrupted after about 50 feet.. I reversed off the drive, pulled forward and opened the windows to air the car out... And I heard an ominous flapping....

Pulling over, immediately, I found that I had a nail in the rear passenger tyre...

Yup, that's the sucker...

And this tyre was flat... I have a spare!... but... but... Looking at the rear drivers side tyre... it's flat too.. I don't have a picture of this, as I didn't want to stand in the road to take it, I'm in the UK, remember, so you can figure out that the drivers side would have been in the road.

So here's another wider shot of my flat passenger side...

It's only 6:45am, plenty of time to get this fixed before I'm late to work...

So, I give up even looking to change the tyre, there's some air in them, get to the tyre place!

Shit, it doesn't open until 8:30am, so I had the highlight of my day, I left the car on their forecourt and went for breakfast.  A long walk, collecting no Pokémon I might add, later and I had black coffee and a croissant.. Oh la la.

Walking back however and they were opening up, and they happily helped to get my car on the ramps before they officially opened.

Two punctures?... Nope... Unrepairable, so two new tyres, SHIT!  I'm skint, proper skinty poos... Credit Card to the rescue.

But then... "There's another puncture here mate, looks like a different nail type"... And it was a very different nail type... It must looked something like this before it went in.

So a large outer disc, with a hollow shaft and a much smaller inner disc, which had been deformed into a sort of blob when it'd gone through the rubber wall of my tyre, what had then happened was the tip pierced the first disc took a 3mm diameter of rubber then the bigger head had formed a half decent seal on the outside, so I only had a very slow puncture.

Touching this outer disc with a screwdriver the chap changing the tyre got it to fly across the room impressively pinging off the concrete floor; we'll say nothing about the health and safety worries this might cause some of you reading at home.

Anyway, the result was a third new tyre... So what the hell, in for a penny, in for Two hundred Pounds, do all four!

So, four mid-range tyres and an alignment, I'm two hundred and twenty pounds down but by golly I'm back on the commute, and seeking my desk, not least because I need another coffee and a sit down.

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