Monday, 15 August 2016

Programming : My Thoughts on Kivy

About a year ago, I had to work on Python, suddenly and without warning.  And though I had tinkered with python I neither listed it in my arsenal of programming languages nor thought myself conversant enough in it to deliver a product.  But the powers that be said "he's the linux guy, this is python, we don't want it on Windows, give it him".

So there I was, Python on the Linux server and Python on the Android phone... Two parts of the same project, and they needed a nice UI.

Now I don't know Qt at all, I've used it, never been terribly impressed (though that opinion is for another post and is highly subject to change) with the look of it.  So I set about looking for alternatives.

The alternative I found, which worked best for me, was Kivy.

I found the syntax a little awkward, and the actual creation of the recipe for the WI was very awkward at times, finding what inherited where being the main problem, it was a little.  Well it was a little counter intuitive to say the least, but it worked.

And the product went out there looking black and sleek and cool, and it was on everyone's Samsung smart phone at the launch meeting, and I was quite proud I'd managed it, and Kivy was the key in that delivery.

It has been a year since I created that application, a year of waiting for any feedback, it was a demanding time to get stuff floated and out to users.  I hope they liked it, I certainly did.

Android - Python - Kivy... Pretty much my go-to platform for Android development.

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