Monday, 15 August 2016

Office Life : Air Con

Someone remind me why this company dropped £35,000 on new air-conditioning earlier this year?... When on one of the few days of the year we need the damn thing, it's hotter in here than it was outside yesterday!

Yes, that's 25 Celsius in here... 77 Fahrenheit for those of you still in the 1970's.

This is warmer than Tahiti today, the same as in Cannes and hotter than it is outside (24 by the weather, 22 by my thermometer)...

It utterly sucks in here right now...


  1. P.S. They've all pissed off home, so I have it on a cooling lush 21... Bliss

  2. Oh Oh god, it sooo pisses me off... Now it is cold outside, now it's Baltic beyond the windows, they've not got the heating on, they're not trying to keep it at 25 as they've insisted all Summer long. No, now it is cold they're happy for it to be 18!... It beggars belief!