Monday, 1 August 2016

Horsing About

I thought I'd come to these pages to explain what all these videos I have posted of horses were actually about.

Well, at the stables we're at, we all much in (or muck out should that be) together, it's not a livery yard, it's not a business, it's a friend of ours whom had a horse and wanted to get him some company.

He's a 25 year old race horse, called Cluff, and he's a total idiot when he's alone, he thrashes about, gets distressed, he really properly will not be on his own.

So, when we wanted to look for a new livery location, our friend said "bring him up, the girl here with her horse at the moment is a pain in the arse and never picks up her poo"... So up we went, and away she went.

So our pony Gerty, became best buds with Cluff.... This was interesting as Cluff went from looking 24 and very stiff, to now being 25 and looking very muscular and moving brilliantly, she's made him young.

As you can see, he loves to roll, especially in the mud.  Well, last Friday, Jo was up putting a new rug on our Pony, when she heard what sounded like a pistol crack, what it actually was was the electricity tripping as Cluff had managed to roll and roll over into the electrified fence.

He ended up on his bum, with the wire trapped around his legs, and it tore into his leg.

Jo went into full rescue mode, cutting the wire to release him, and getting her Dad to help him into his stable, and I got the vet on the way to sort him out.

The end result is he has a cut about the size of a large mans index finger along his leg where I indicate in the videos.

Needless to say, he's on the mend now, and the challenge later in the week might be how to keep that leg dry if the heavens open up after this hot patch.

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