Sunday, 10 July 2016

YouTube : Logo/Banner Design

I have been working hard to update the styles and appearance of both here on the blog and my YouTube channel.  I figured with some videos having 10K views it was time I made the effort.

The problem however is I'm not artistically able, at least not on the computer.

So I figured I'd pay someone to do it, I figured a couple of hours of someones time, an hour to jazz through with me what they can give and taking my ideas on, then an hour to do the job.

The problem... No-one out there seems to read anything, which bodes pretty badly for my blog here.

I posted the job to "freelancer", and waited, within seconds I had people professing to be able to deliver.  They'd not read the job spec, they'd just bid.  And assumed based on the title, what was required.

People, let me share with you a nugget of wisdom: "Assumption is the mother of all muck ups"... Feel free to exchange that 'm' with an 'f'.

To assume what I want based on three words was utterly wrong... the three words were "Design a Logo".  But the meat of the task was "YouTube Channel Banner".  No-one got this.

When I took a screen shot, stuck arrows on it, and posted the spec from google, and even recorded this video:

Look at that carefully, can you spot what I spotted?... yes, despite making the video, and giving the link to 3 potential designers of my stuff, NONE of them watched it... NONE of them read the job spec.

It go so bad an experience so quickly that I pulled the plug on the task.

No-one read the job spec, no-one read what I wanted, and even the later applicants for the task hadn't read anything I had posted.

I may try again, but certainly not on Freelancer, I might find someone via deviantart.

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  1. A bit late to the party, but if you're still in the market for logos check out LogoTournament:
    I've used that service with great results (IMO).