Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Wiring, Monitors, Ponies and Virgin Media

Sorry for the long delay since my last update, in the interim time I have been working on improving my recording technique from Arma 3 - so much so I have accrued around 25gb of footage, covering four different operations in the game, in long play mode - however, due to Virgin Media currently screwing me over (more about this later) I'm unable to upload any of it within a decent time-line.

So, what have I been up to apart from playing Arma 3?... Well, I've taken delivery of a new monitor, and Asus MX27AQ, which is absolutely lovely.  I've gone from running, and recording the games I play, in 1280x1050 to playing them in 2540x1440 and shadow play is recording them in 1080p.

Counter-intuitively for Arma 3 however, it's performance has improved, I've changed no settings, just moved from rendering over DVI at the lower resolution to using HDMI in the higher resolution, and the FPS has gone up, I now get 40-50 in a busy server (20 in towns) where I was getting, 10-15 in a busy server and 2-3 fps in towns.... Which is totally bonkers, and something I need to look at more closely.

In personal coding time, I'm totally on hiatus, I've been playing with Ackermans function, a few other code projects, the 2D engine for Dungeon crawling has been tinkered with, but I'm just so busy there has been no personal coding time.

I have however, finally had time, with the arrival of the monitor to sort out my desk wiring and networking, I've got the solid cat-6 cable from the router up through the floor and now going to a 12 port hub, from this I have my laptop, two PC's and a Pi working.  They're providing lots of working network points basically, for streaming or work.

I've then sorted the power wiring, to include  power smoothing extension now, which has 3 power smoothed and surge protected slots on it, these power the main PC's.

We've also been busy with Gerty, the pony, she had her first meeting with the dentist recently, having to have her baby teeth crowns removed to allow her adult teeth through, and the removal of two wolf teeth...

As you can see, she was pulling some funny faced afterwards.

And now VirginMedia, the wife asked me a couple of months ago to check our bill... £50 ish we're paying... and I figured, we're on the 200mbit, Tivo box, with channels galore, no problem... That's about right, I saw the newly named "Vivid 200" offer for £49.95, and figured we were on that... and left it be.

However, having tried to upload this serious amount of data over the Easter weekend, and been totally hampered by their throttling the upload down (yes, they still do this https://my.virginmedia.com/traffic-management/traffic-management-policy-thresholds.html) to nearly nothing, I got onto the chat help with them to ask for information... And it was very worrisome to hear the member of their staff telling me that they don't throttle things down.... Reading their live, current, traffic management policy, they do just that... so what hymn sheet are their staff reading from?

"Your downloads are not managed"... Whatever, I am talking about UPLOADS!

They just were of no help, and I figured, it's Easter, they'll be in some foreign call centre being paid pennies to read the answers from an expert system which is scripted to make them sound a little less useless then someone paid pennies to read a screen, should sound.

Today, I've logged into VM to see what my account status is, and not only am I now clamouring to talk to them, but I'm fucking furious... I'm paying over £50 a month for the M package!... the medium... 50mbps... 

For that same price one can get on the Vivid 200 package!... So I automatically hit the button to check what offers they'll give my account... they're only offering me the Vivid 100.... 

Why's this making me furious?.... Because I was told I was getting 200mbps just the other day, how can I be when my package is capped at 50?... GAH... so now I'm trying to chase this all up.... Watch this space.

Oh, and now their support site is fucked... VIRGIN FIX YOUR EGAIN SYSTEM!

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