Thursday, 10 March 2016

Arma 3 - Grenade Worries

Last night I decided to take a look at come add-ons for Arma 3, notably the ACE3 pack, I was unfortunately disappointed with the pack, it seems to obfuscate so much of the learned functionality and change so much as to make it feel alien rather than a helper.

One notable problem was, no matter what I did, I could not lock nor fire an AT missile from a Titan Compact launcher, even dropping into the editor, sitting a target in the open and trying to fire point blank it'd not lock on.

Reboot and try without Ace, everything was fine, and this leads to a problem Dyslexi has passed the mantle of his excellent looking grenade mod over to Ace, if that grenade mod ends up mixed into the mash up within ace then it maybe impossible to separate it back out and run it without the perceived confusion Ace has caused me.

The other thing I looked at in the edit, as one can see from the above screenshot, was wind direction and it's affect on the battlefield.  Primarily I looked at this because I've been continually gravitating on the Zeus Community Server, however, their server seems to never have any weather other than the occasional splatter of rain.  So seeing wind make smoke drift was interesting.

Don't forget, you can find highlights and full streams of my adventures in Arma 3 on youtube now.

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