Sunday, 17 January 2016

Planes, Trains and Plastering Trowels

Today I have mostly been plastering...

This was the opening for the old gas boiler, it was an open hole in the wall, so I had to build a timber frame into the brick work, plaster board that and then skim over it.

It's been a success, though I do have to wet & dry sand the top and sides a little to smooth them in, however, when the whole wall gets a coat of paint, and the new electric fire is hung back over the hole you'll never know.

Ken's train set is also coming along more, as you can see here, he's ballasted and started to decorate the station, there's lighting and tree's.

We've got an Arduino Uno powered dynamic lighting effect set, awaiting delivery of some ultra bright LED's.  And of course the arduino powered detection/occupancy system is still awaiting delivery of the magnets and reed switches.

Finally, I've been broadcasting my WarThunder game-play to Twitch again...

Come join me there for game play, programming, soldering projects and other bric-a-brac.

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