Wednesday, 16 December 2015

WarThunder - Teams a problem for 109 players

Just to emphasise that previous post was no fluke, here's the team list after 5 minutes of play in my latest game flying out the 109G2 against a Russian team...

Yep, that's 5 minutes of play, and on the first pass we lost nearly ALL our fighter, why?... Because they only climbed to around 4000 meters altitude and got into a swirling diving match with the Russians to low-level, where the Russian then dominated and destroyed them all, in very quick order.

As for me, I got to 5,500 meters, chose to dive on one target, and then found I was going maximum speed with Russian after Russian ducking under my guns, until as I passed out the other side, this is what was in my rear view mirror....

This time, I got one hit on a target, earned me 400 lions, I destroyed a ground MG position for a little more and then I decided to just head on with the lot of them, the first guy set me on fire with a shot that for me would have just been a sparkle effect... from there on I just blazed away unable to move.

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