Friday, 25 September 2015

Road Rage #1

To the woman driving the Black Audi TT out of the QMC, down Leen Gate, Nottingham at around 9:55 today... You're very lucky I don't have a dash cam, you're very lucky we met in traffic outside my place of employment and there is a decorum mandate for staff, you are very very lucky indeed, because I really felt like driving into you, dragging you out of your car by the roots of your silly greying blond scag wig and smashing your face in.

Lets, analyse why everyone, I turned into Leen gate following an RLMS lorry, as I work here I know RLMS would be pulling up on the left of the road soon enough, so waited behind it, a van passed, a car and then I peeked out, a red car was pulled up on the right of the road, way up level with the Bellfruit factory gates, and the road was then clear, so I pull out around the now parked lorry.

A black Audi TT appears at the hospital end of this row... It passed the Bellfruit factory gates, passed the pulled over red car, and as I'm now level with the rear of the RLMS lorry, this Audio is approaching the lorry itself.  It's no where near the lorry, there's a dozen meters between where the Audi is and where I am by this point,

I am mid manoeuvre around a parked vehicle,  I am already across the median and moving (checks highway code) yes, so the other car did not have right of way, I've already waited for other vehicles, so it is approaching a moving car, and should be aware of me, should give way, I'm already out into the movement, but the Audi is bearing down on me, "here we go" I think, it's a car make and type which seems to empower dick heads to drive like idiots, so I figure this is another... and as it's getting closer and closer I can see it's bonnet is not dipping, the Audi is not braking... and I could see the woman driving by now, see her demographic, and yes, she's a fucking hooray henry, a "I'm driving here" type, and I bet she's the type who can never be wrong, who can never be told, and thinks she's made it in life because she's been so forthright, I can see her now...

I'm now trying to turn left sharply to get back in front of the parked lorry, so I'm over steering to get in and out of her path of potential destruction, without slowing down she comes past me and pulled a face at me!

This stupid, pig eyed, wig clad pig of a woman pulls a face at me!

For her idiotic, in correct, highway code violating drive!

I really, honestly, felt true anger boil, I wanted to chase her down and break her false teeth all over her steering wheel, I wanted to chase around and smash into her, to drag her pathetic limp corpse down the road from my bumper, like some macabre bonnet trophy.

But, of course, this is reality and one can't do that, one can't even joke about it I guess (though I just have), so in stead I wish I had a dash cam, though in this case I'd need 360 degree coverage, and I'd have taken her plate, taken the stupid face she pulled and I'd have blown then up and pasted them all over the internet.

See how her employer, or employees, liked to see that; see how her Insurer would like to know how crap a driver she really is.  For my part, I'm fuming, but I'm done, madam you had the upper hand, driving around today you are anonymous, you can get away with being a dangerous idiot like this, you and your ilk driving like idiots however you've had your day, and once technology in cars to monitor and report such flagrant obtuse abusive and idiotic driving as yours is available, the better!

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