Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pet Hate of the Day

I've got a pet hate for the day, when I message anyone, before, during and after I try my utmost to get their name right, on the phone that's hard sometimes you ask them to spell it, or you look them up on the company website, or websites.

E-mail makes this easier, when someone has already contacted you, or there's an internal company address book you have their name right there, right in front of you...

Bob, might very well e-mail you, but you can see they're Robert... Stewy might send you a meeting invite, but you know he's Steven...

So why the fuck is it that my name, Jonathan, gets totally garbled... I mail and talk to people as Jon, I just sent a mail and signed it off "Jon".  That's permission for the other end to engage me as "Jon"... So when I get "Jonathon", "Johnathan", "Johnathon", "John" or even "Jonefan" it winds me the fuck up.

You have my name, you have how I've presented it to you, I'm not so mental that I don't know how to spell my own name, grrrrr

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