Friday, 31 July 2015

NHS Typo

I've had a mystery appointment text'd to me today from the NHS, nice to see them using some good technology, my GP surgery uses an SMS based reminder system and I think it's a fabulous addition to the NHS armoury to reduce wasted appointment times.

Unfortunately, I didn't recognise this appointment, so checked it out and came to this page...

I was so sad to read the paragraph:

"If you believe the hospital has incorrect phone numbers recorded you will need to ask them to change their systems as we are note allowed to make changes to that data."

They are 'note allowed' to make changes to the data?... NOTE!.. NOT... It's a mistake, a typo, a small one, but the thing that bugged me was there was no way to tell them.

This site is powered by ZenDesk, so that page is just an entry in their knowledge base, but there's no way to give feedback.

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