Tuesday, 21 April 2015

General Blog - Dungeon Map Editor & The Day Job Office

At home I'm working on fleshing out the Dungeon Map editor, so there's more information coming on that later... To whet your appetites however, I have implemented:

* Solid Tiles
* Total Empty Void Space
* Dividing Walls
* Doors in single tile
* Doors over multiple tiles
* Trap doors (drops)

And in the works on the editor are:

* Stairs Up
* Stairs Down
* Portals

These latter three items however, all require a change to how I structure the Adventure....

So, an adventure now is going to be multiple maps, each map being a layer, and you can portal from one place on one map/layer, up to another map/layer (or down).

Stairs are the same, but you enter the map at the position it's placed directly above the stair (or below).

However, none of this is why I'm blogging today, I'm blogging because I just left the day job, and before I get in the car I thought I needed to point this out...

The company I work for is multi-million Euro turn over, it's huge... The building I work in has had major infrastructure upgrades, notably a fresh air circulation system and about £35,000 worth of new air conditioning and then brand new energy efficient triple glazing....

So, the new glazing keeps the heat in... The Air circulation system is never on, and the air-con is on warm....

I have had to turn a fan on today!

It's ridiculous, the guys in charge of the A/C controls sit in an area of the building which is taller than here, so it's more airy, they don't have the sunlight falling on their windows, and they're old - so they're always cold...

The rest of us, in the blazing sun box end of the building, just sit and gently sweat...

I've pointed out before that this end of the building smells like the inside of a training shoe, and they turned the air cycling system on, and it became so fresh, so light and a great place to work... But then they insist on keeping this system off!

It is annoying beyond irritation, beyond moaning, it's just endemic stupidity, and lack of understanding of people... Very much the "I'm all right Jack" attitude prevails.

It's been so warm, I've taken to rolling a glass of water from the cooler on my arms... and I'm only sat here in a cotton shirt!  Gah.

The atmosphere, the temperature, would have to be the second thing I decided on if I ran my own software shop/office somewhere.  The first being what desks, PC's, keyboards, Screens etc the peeps used.... Before I worried about the coffee machine, it'd be air conditioning and proper fresh air, not recycling the same stale air through a wall mounted unit on a circuit.

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