Monday, 2 March 2015

USB 3.0 Storage Project

This weekend has seen the final parts of the server infrastructure I had powered down, and this leaves me with a gap in my storage needs.

I carry two mechanical harddrives, old laptop 2.5" drives, power by 5v with me most of the time, but these are getting old (and they were already old before I pulled them out of the retiring laptops they served) they're also quite slow and I have no back-up for them.

This is a situation which can not continue on my conscience.  Therefore, I've just bought a pair of 32GB USB 3.0 flashdrives, a cheap USB 3.0 hub and a hot glue gun.

The project is going to be to strip an old 3.5" hard drive, even dremel the middle out of it iff needs be, and after stripping the hub and sticks of their plastic shells, mounting them inside the old hard drive shell.  Screw the shell back up and hopefully I have a 64GB storage space, which is none-mechanical, and which I can just plug-in and go.

Initially this is going to be for moving some recorded files around and perhaps holding a git repository, or even my old SVN respoitories for checking or supporting projects.

If it's a successhowever, I maybe looking at a nicer strip USB hub, and slowly building 64GB sticks at a time (£10 a pop) to build up a big drive, with a full back up script etc.

I may also be getting together a USB 2.0 hub and a couple of 8GB flash drives to act as a storage backup on the web-server, this will be for the Elite Trade data to be dropped off on.

Or this lad has the idea...

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