Saturday, 7 March 2015

Technology: "Yeah, I know"...

This is a state of mind, I'm pretty sure, it's something I've personally never been able to pull off; if I don't know what I'm talking about it's soon overwhelmingly obvious, and I'm sure throughout my life people have spotted this; what amazes me however is how often, especially in technology, people get into this mind set of "yes" and "I know", when patently they know fuck all.

Case in point, I was just reading how to use "BitBake", I've never used it before, today was the first time I've sat down with the manual and tried to get to grips with it, however, the person who had directed me to get to use this, wondered over, poking around what I was up to... "Reading the BitBake manual, it's very boring"... Their response was the nodded body language "yes yes yes"... But they remained looking over me, as if they expected a demonstration of something more, so I said "It'd very boring, just reading"...

They didn't say they had any experience with Bitbake, but their response was just one of those... "yes I know all about it" kind of moments, those moments where you think, "fuck off, you don't know shit".

People getting that body language vibe out annoy me.

I used to work with a guy who did this everyday, about every topic, about every possible thing, he never wanted to say he knew fuck all, but made out he did.  Even to the point that I was using code I'd written, in a class only I had ever seen, and he came asking what it was, so I said... "Oh part of the Node XML, have you heard of it"... "yes"... of course he'd heard of it... "Interesting, since I just wrote it"... Silence.

Same shit, different fella... I hate it, if you don't know what something is folks, go ask, go read, go learn, don't make out you know.

But then to those of you not as honest as me, if you do have this gift, rememeber it'll come back to bite you, when you're in that meeting saying "yes" to everything, one-day you'll be asked to deliver, and that means a shit load more work to do, because you've admitted you already know most of that stuff!... Good luck!

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