Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Java Posts...

Well, my recent two posts about writing a game in java have been abject failures, not only have they not garnered any views (16 in total) but they've got me bored with them.... There is a part 3 scheduled for next Monday, but after that I'll not be pushing myself to generate more on that genre.

Instead I've been looking at SDL in my favourite guise C++.

I have used SDL 1.2 before, but this time I'm looking at the new SDL 2.0, as well as the SDL Image extension.

I think combining that with my image processing with CImg may result in a very powerful way of laying out graphics, 2D initially, but we'll see.

In personal news I'm so very busy, and Dude is not well, he has Lung Cancer, so he's not got long with us.

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