Tuesday, 17 March 2015

D&D Starter Set

When I was at college I remember briefly trying to play D&D... From a second edition manual, it was hard... The two guys setting up characters with me were baffled and the GM was no help.  A hopeless, pretty boring situation, as none of us had read the players manual and the GM hadn't got a grip on how to play, needless to say I never even touched a D20 let alone rolled anything.

At uni I remember the Student Union Bar one day hosted a Magic introduction, but Magic never appealed to me.

Years later I've been a World of Warcraft player, but the computer games never get to the exploitative and environment freedom D&D promises... Could I pull a brick out the wall in Stormwind and thrown it at someone?.. Nope, can I in D&D... Sure!

So it is that I've come full circle, and I've just ordered the Starter Set for D&D Fifth Edition...

God Help Me.


  1. D&D really is cool! To bad you live so far away! I played it a long time ago and loved it. Good luck dude!!

    1. Who is that?... And... Why not play over skype with things like Roll20.net?...