Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Programming - Elite Dangerous Tools - Market Data

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I've been working on the image stitching & capturing, especially monitoring the keyboard from my program, whilst in the game.  So now I can capture a region of the game client window on command.

Once I've captured the different parts of the Market Data (Commodities) screen.... I can stitch them together.

Lets take a look at the pieces and then the result....

Now, each piece is manually captured upon a key press, and then once I know I have enough pieces I manually kick off the stitch... This is the result.

I can now at least store this as the market data for that station, however, this is not perfect.  I do have to ensure I don't highlight anything and I do scroll down manually and take each image.

The next step is going to be to name this resultant image for the source station, date & time it, and then process it further, which takes us back to the Grey Scaling and Sobel processing, finally to pass them into OpenCV or whatever I end up with to optically process the data from the image.

Here are some other pages captured, which have been put together from various stations...

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