Saturday, 17 January 2015

Elite Dangerous - Trading Tools - OCR - Progress Pt3

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Having played with my own OCR, I've decided to use Tesseract, however, I'm doing it in an unusual manner.  Because this is all really a learning exercide for me, and to keep the build small, I've put the tesseract API calls into their own EXE, not a DLL, an EXE I can call giving it an image filename and an output text path.

The output is XML, tells me the result and likely text result, handling errors with the image or training data for me and not crashing or causing issues with my application.

This clear division of effort lets me just use the tesseract api example (lepttest) code to do my OCR, whilst I get the skimming of the Commodities actually working.

Then I can revisit the OCR later, or maybe play with my own....

Here's a screen shot of the application "reading" from the screen...

As you can see, this is taking a screen capture of the area of the commodities window live from the client, and it's just updating any commodities it see's in the list...

My capturer also works at any resolution, so you can be fullscreen, windowed, or any resolution in the game, there's no need to be a specific resolution as some other tools require of the Elite client.

I am however struggling with the OCR, I think I need to retrain, or better train, Tesseract for the font used in Elite, but that's a separate problem than my actual tool program, as I've split the OCR out!

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