Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WarThunder - BF110 Great Plane

The other night I finally broke my drought of aerial kills whilst flying out in my BF109E3, taking down two US F6F's and then a Russian Lagg-3... These were unfortunately in Realistic Mode...

I had spent quite a lot of time in Simulator battle, for little reward, I'd flown out in both my 109E3 and E1, had this on several aircraft, notably a P38 with it's obvious planform.

However, in Simulator I've been listening to other people for "improving" visibility of the distant dots... and I can only say its made things worse.  I had dot popping and my spotting levels dropped dramatically.  So I'll be returning to my standard settings tonight.

The switch to realistic mode however came from wanting to grind another plane entirely my BF110C, which I've had aced a very long time, I suddenly spotted I had a skin I could unlock.  Unfortunately for Air Kills, and the 110 is not going to compete for air kills in Simulator... It's definitely going to struggle in Arcade.

Hence, realistic was the middle ground.

Flying out, I was immediately into one of my favourite missions "Malta", with 2 x 250 kilo bombs I expected to make a run on ground targets and then mop up... Needless to say, that's not how things panned out.

Opposing the scratching of Italian MC class fighters myself in the 110 and a single 109 were a ground of 4 spitfires, 2 hurricanes, a gladiator, a Beaufort and a player controlled fury... They clearly had more guns in the air, and more ammo for those guns.

I constituted, by far, the most armed plane, but was - even compared to the Beaufort - the least manoeuvrable, so I took a right hand bent to strafe the beach, drop my bombs and clear the landing for Zone A... Whilst I hoped the other fighters at least found the enemy for me to climb above and pounce on.

However, by the time I got to the beach the 109 was already there, shooting up the artillery, just so he got "First strike".  To add insult to this injury he was then almost immediately shot up by the Beaufort who swooped in behind him and let his gunners set him smoking...

I really couldn't abide the 109 doing this, and told him so, but I pulled up and over the cliffs, used an energy climb (still carrying my bombs) to come out above level and slow behind the Beaufort, unleashing a stream of cannon fire at him I silenced his gunner, but only after taking coolant system damage to my right engine, and then a longer burst I killed the pilot and the British bomber plunged into the waves for my first kill.

Damaged and low, I dropped the bombs into the water and returned to base, complaining bitterly to the 109 who was also on approach.

Repaired and rearmed I was out again and ran my bombs over a light bunker, missing, but taking out the accompanying AA and artillery pieces.

At this point the HE111's on the team were on their return sweep, low and fast they tried to out run the enemy, however, one of the bombers was swooped on by a Hawker Typhoon, turning left and staying below this Typhoon however I avenged the bomber and tore the right wing off of the aircraft.

Using my speed to swing up and yo-yo over I came into a head-on with a Hurricane, who burned, then I switched to my rear gunner to start spraying a Spitfire, who soon spewed black smoke and turned off me, but I had taken heavy damage to my right wing now and the aircraft had a constant list to the right.

Pulling up I took a snatch shot at extreme range towards what was the player controlled Fury coming in on me, tearing off his lower left wing I carried on my turn in a lazy left and then levelled off as another spitfire peeled onto my tail and started to put shots into my left wing.

Both wings beat up I had this spitfire smoking both black and white, but I was doomed, I tried to hit the spit with some fire from my forward machine guns as he over shot below me, but in the now terminal dive I don't know if I got a hit, however both he and I slammed and skidded across the field margins of Malta ending me the game with 5 ground kills, 5 air kills and a big smile on my face for the first time in ages.

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