Saturday, 18 October 2014

AO.COM... Yes, a review of a website for you all, this lot have a real mixed experience for you, my experience went from being quite happy with my purchase to utterly and totally dismayed by them, so much so that I ended up having to call them and threaten them with a cease and desist order.

Lets explain, Monday our tumble drier died, Tuesday the house was getting over run with washing drying, so Wednesday the wife asked me to sort a new drier... We're strapped for cash, so cheap cheap, was the order of the day, I checked Coop Electrical, and they had a drier, but you had to pay delivery and it'd take a few days, and we have the estate agent coming... yadda yadda yadda...

So I looked elsewhere, and remembered a TV advert for "AO, Lets go"... bringing their site up, same drier, same price, free next day delivery... bargain?>!?!... I ordered, and at the end of my ordering process it asked me to update whether I wanted to be contacted with offers, and I declined.

However, I had set all the contact details, the email, the mobile number to my wife...

Next thing I know she calls me, "Who are these AO that keep calling?"... Oh, I thought maybe they were trying to arrange the delivery...

No! They were telemarketing, trying to sell the wife cover for £2 a month or week or something for the drier, the drier which a) had not even arrived yet and b) she knew nothing about and c) which I had declined contact on.

So I sent them a nice e-mail asking them to stop... because by then the office was closed, but they kept on calling, 16 calls later and the guy was pestering my wife, she said he was pleasent enough, but when she said "I am sorry, I do not do anything with the bank, I can not set up, and do not want to set up any payments for protection" the guy said... "Go find a bank statement, the husband won't want to miss this offer, get the bank statement and read me the numbers, I'll set it all up my end"!!!


I'm pretty sure that's illegal, and the pressure it was putting on my wife, you must understand she suffers anxiety, social anxiety, that I've even got her to answer the phone is a big thing, but to have this arsehole calling and hassling her was totally unacceptable.

So, come Thursday lunch the calls not abating I asked the wife to read me the number and I called them, and I got this gal, now she was not the one calling, and I said it's not her fault personnally, but it is the fault of the company, she took my info and appologised.

Meanwhile the drier was delivered and my wife asked the driver about the calls, "Oh christ" he says "the number of complaints they have".

Pressure sales, pushing and pestering, pissed me off... And it seems they're more than aware of it, bunch of wankers.

I'll never be buying from them again, and I'm pretty sure if you read this you should take my sage advice and avoid them too.  Coop Electrical, just as good, zero hassle, and we've had fridges and driers and washers from them before.

We will never be buying from AO again!

Also of interest, I used the wifes e-mail, yet just after browsing their site I was receiving junk mail in my inbox... "You've left something in your basket"... HOW THE HELL DID THAT SITE GET MY E-MAIL?... Clearly through accessing data on my machine, cookies most likely, but... That's against EU law, they've just passed a law saying that sites using cookies must inform you they're doing so... The AO site did no such thing, I got spammed, and when I hit unsubscribe you get someone dressed in a badger on the site giving you gip, it's all just not very funny after the pertubation of bullshit they've put us through, over buying one drier, once...


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