Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Hey folks, huge news for my humble blog, page views have doubled in three months... Yes, from an all time high of 62,000 views since July we've had double that number of viewers over again, and our total count is now 124,000 views...

You know if every view gave me £1 I could pay off my mortgage!

Anyway, what have I been up to?... Well, I've been trying to extol the virtues of redirecting TCP/IP connections from one server accepting and validating them to a secondary server to process the data remote clients are trying to dump... And I've been wholly unsuccessful because the other technologist who's working on this project doesn't want to really do as I'm asking... Which is very frustrating.

I'm also trying to avoid buying/playing Elite Dangerous, I'm interested, but I stand by my pledge not to play it... For now...

WarThunder, been playing lots of Simulated Battles and I even got one of my replays used by the magnificent Jingles.

You can find my full coverage of it here:

My old Seitek X45 joystick is showing its age, so once the new house move is done and a few debts paid I maybe going into the market for a new joystick.

Coding projects, I have a tutorial I want to put up about BCD or Binary Coded Decimal, unfortunately some developers believe just using the value int x = 0; means X is in BCD... its not folks its just binary... I'll explain in the tutorial I think...

Right then, onwards and upwards.

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