Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Supermarket Search - Website Failz

So, I have some computer restoration and cleaning to do, this is of a set of four Atari ST's and an older Commodore 16... So I want to get some isopropyl alcohol really, but I'm skint the budget for this project is spent on the carcass Atari STe to re-case one I have which was painted green...

Anyway, a cheap alternative is to therefore look for cheap alcohol based skincare products in the beauty isle... Now I'm at work, and its lunch time, so I hit the internets and I wondered if Asda had anything suitable.... Here's the search


Yes, the search ability of this website is appalling, its not the only super market chain with this kind of problem, Sainsbury's is an online supermarket site I've used a lot and it's search is terrible...

Supermarkets, make this better, or hire me... I'll make it better.

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