Friday, 8 August 2014

German Law - Most Mental Rule Ever

I was just reading about Bernie Ecclestone, paying a court to stop a trial about his Bribing people....

If, if this doesn't strike you as a strange allowance, you perhaps have to think more carefully about what "BRIBERY" is?

I just really can't believe this rule exists, "I'm accused of paying someone to do something for me as an unfair advantage, well here's more cash and leave me be"... And the court has to say "Ja, Danke"... That's what gets me, the judge had to accept, the law being employed was absolutely legitimate... None-nonsensical and an unfair advantage to the rich... But still on the books and legitimate.

So, old Bernie strolls off and he's neither guilty nor innocent, he's just paid to have the trial dropped... Why didn't Microsoft just play this card over their problems in the EU?

Look at that smile, that tan, that hair... What a cheeky chappy he is.

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