Wednesday, 4 June 2014

WarThunder - Battle Start Bug

I just ran into a bug in WarThunder, I had played my German Tanks, assigning a couple of aircraft too and flying out into a mission.

That ended and I returned to the menu, leaving my German selection as was, and selected my British Tree.

I selected my Beaufighter and selected to go to battle, but I had left the toggle set to "Tank Battles", so it told me I "That Nation is temporarily Unavailable".  This isn't the bug, the bug is that I just switched to Air battles and clicked to start battle...

The realistic battle starts for me, but instead of being British, I've been thrown in as German...

And for an Air Battle, I only have tanks available in the realistic slot I had selected... So, I can't spawn...

All I could do was quit the game, and it seems from my telling other players that this has happened to others.

I hope my posting comes to the attention of Gaijin & they fix this one.

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