Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Busy Week

I'm afraid I have a very busy week on my hands, both with work project and home projects, so no CPU project update his week.  However, I have just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to think around a problem which I've come to the conclusion is in the Operating System below my software.

And I set about the interwebs to satisfy my self proclaimed hunch... I'm yet to get my confirmation, but I did run across this two year old post which pretty much sums up working on any damn project in Windows.

The next CPU Update may be skipping to the Z80 CPU, so bear with me... Is that the right spelling of bear?... Bare... Bear... Whatever... Stick around!


  1. What other projects are you working on may I ask?

    I'm always looking for idea's that will test me... just bear in mind I'm a noob and not a 30 something programmer :)

    1. I'm officially not allowed to tell you, however, the CPU project, I'm planning to get the signing done, explaining the binary and electronics... Then before we go further port from our made up instruction set to the actual 4004 instruction set... Dum dum ddaaaaa.

    2. Good news, two new posts coming this week, the first tonight (18:30 BST - 20/5/2014) the second tomorrow (18:30 BST - 20/5/2014) they're a little less hands on and are intended to encourage your own exploration of the topic we're working on.

    3. New Tutorial, a complete Video series, on writing a simple game out tonight!