Monday, 3 March 2014

Steven Price

Yes, you maybe asking yourself that same question, I certainly did on the way home from work when the Radio said the Oscar winning composure "Steven Price" (just won for best score for Gravity) went to Top Valley Academy.

I went to that school, though at the time Steven and I went it was called "Top Valley Comprehensive", and rather than the current head master one Chris Archer was at the helm, along with Mrs Vernon, Mr Hughes and all the other well known faces of the day.

My trouble is I didn't know this chap, looking at this date of birth he'd have been a year above me, so that's understandable, but this still means I basically could have shared a urinal with a now Oscar winner for just over four years.  That's a new claim to fame I can't wait to spring on someone.

I'm surprised by the link, he's already won awards from the BAFTA's and elsewhere, he worked on Lord of the Rings, and has been around the musical block.

Though the most surprising thing is... Mr Rose, he was the head of music at the time Steven and I were at Top Valley Comp... And all that chap managed to impose into my memory is the tune....

"Music is Fun,
Rum, tum, tee, dum.
Singing and playing,
will always be done"

That and the eternal image of Paul Wesley doing a decent rip off of "2 Unlimited". *cough*

Not impressive, so how did Steven manage to get out of the Valley and out to Hollywood... I have no idea, but I'd like to find out.

P.S. No pictures of Steven were available on the internet... least not without charging a fee... so here's a shot of Top Valley....

Sorry, sorry, that's not the place... That's too tidy...

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