Tuesday, 11 March 2014

MMORPG Multiboxer (World of Warcraft, Runes of Magic, LOTRO)

I am proud to announce the first useful piece of software I'm creating, it is a whole suite of tools to help you multibox.  This is the practice of using a single keyboard and transmitting the keys, or even mapping different keys (e.g. you press numpad 0 and on the target game it presses W) to multiple game clients.

The end result is you can play alone, controlling multiple characters, run dungeons alone, level up through hard content and essentially explore the world in the myriad of MMORPG's out there without the need for a guild or clan.

I'm creating this project off the back of my recent struggle with gaming, I have no-one to play with, and can't commit to a regular gaming schedule.  Therefore I want to create my own PVE capable groups in the myriad of games you've seen be picking up and poking about recently.

The rubs is, I need your help in creating this software!

The project is advancing along its closed Alpha phase, I plan a Closed Beta, then an Open Beta before releasing v1.0.  I will also be releasing network specifications for the message transmission protocol being used, so you can hook your own applications into mine and build bigger and bigger multiboxers (e.g. you could use my XML network transmitter with some code you wrote to echo the keys being received and forward them on over the internet).

However, I have no money, certainly not enough to pay for all the testing accounts I require, nor the web hosting to let you download this fine software!  So I'm asking, please donate below.

You can donate directly to this project and help fund development today, any donators will receive goodies, I'm not sure what you'll get yet, but it will be software related!  Or perhaps in game items to help you in your favourite games (e.g. Diamonds in Runes of Magic).

All donators receive a discount on the final product.

Any donator posting £10 or more will receive access to the software to help with the closed Beta test.

Any donator posting £100 or more can join what I'm terming the "premium" club, and have exclusive access to the development process - bug tracking, Alpha & Beta access.

Any donator posting £200 or more can come and have dinner with me and discuss direct requirements they might have for the software, or just shoot the shit about gaming and blogging in general (You have to travel to approximately the UK M1 Junction 25).

Many other multiboxers exist, however, I believe for the target selling price of £15 (which will be discounted for donators) you will not find as fully featured a piece of software:

  • Local Multiple clients (run 5 characters on your one machine)
  • LAN Control multiple clients on multiple machines (run a whole 40 man raid, your healers on one PC, your tanks in another, your DPS on yet others).
  • Support multiple games, including the initial Alpha and Beta target titles:
    • World of Warcraft
    • Runes of Magic
    • Lord of the Rings Online
    • Conan Online
  • Open XML configuration settings for easy and scalable configuration (remap 6 keys today, remap 60 tomorrow).
  • Support for Wine users (yes I will be bringing the boxer to Linux platform Wine users as part of the Beta).
 My intial target for more detailed development is £250.  With this I will be able to purchase more WoW accounts and group them together (features not available in the "Starter Edition" free to play).

Super Donator/Partner - If you wish to partner me in this development, I would be interested in hearing from any C++ or C# developers, but please beware I will not be showing you the source, nor making the project open source.  This may require exchange of contracts and significant input from yourself.

Runes of Magic Test Launch

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