Sunday, 23 March 2014

Minecraft - Ordeal #4

I spent a lot of time painting the man lab today, yes those plastered walls had aired enough in their gleaming white, so there's now a feature all in a chocolate sort of colour.  And with pay-day being Thursday, I'm going to get some nice finishing touches.

I also fitted a new light in here, so that's lovely too.

Game wise I spent the day painting and not playing, but I did have Youtube playing, and from my list of "watch later" items I found a load of Minecraft items, so tonight with an hour to spare I fired up the old minecraft, and set about a new storage area, with a simple water feed bringing items from the surface down to it for me...

Deep below I also spent the last of the prepared glass shoring up the lava pool I'm undermining for diamonds.

And that was that.

One thing I did programming wise was find a bunch of my old DirectX 9 interface books... Now, I do wonder whether leveraging DirectX9 is a good option in a game today, to get all those low powered notebooks and older PC's out there all jogging along.

I'm still fascinated by OpenGL of course, for its cross platform ability, but I do wonder whether the likes of SDL or Ogre3D using interfaces should be what I look at.  Though of course one doesn't want to reinvent the wheel...

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