Sunday, 9 March 2014

LOTRO - Still a Joke

Whilst I was deep in WoW fandom Lord of the Rings online, or LOTRO, came out.  I actually bought it and didn't enjoy it very much at all... I thought the story lines were all so pushed, and when I met Gandalf - and he claimed to know my brand new level 2 Dwarf - I was like... Hmmm... Too soon.

Well, now LOTRO is Free to Play, so I figured I'd take a look...

I don't remembering it looking as shit as this....

I've not had chance to set any graphics settings, so you'd assume they'd make it look as good as possible, I downloaded the HD version, and even had the game prompt me to use DirectX10 mode... So why does it look like ass?

This is the character creation screen... It should look fantastic.

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