Thursday, 20 March 2014

How many Garibaldi's

So, how many Garibaldi's constitute one of your five a day?

I ask, because I've been continuing to experiment with biscuits and sweets whilst I code... Garibaldi's are not my favourite biscuit, but they're one of the few, alongside fig rolls & fruit shortcake, with a promise of some actual roughage in them...

Also, they come in those long slices, which scores marking the slice into 5 biscuits.. Do you eat the whole slice, or just a few biscuits?

The multiboxer has also had new work, the filtering works, we can transmit strings, it will auto logon... Quite neat watching 39 clients open, move and then log into their respective games.  Next is a hot-spot mouse clicker, to let us select a window remotely and click on it, so we can potentially accept quests on all clients together...

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