Saturday, 25 January 2014

Miscellaneous January 2014

First off, I've been a right moody bastard tonight... I've had two goes at the wife, and though I'm sorry for both, I'm still an interminable bastard.

Second, I've finished the plastering... My skill since the first walls have increased extraordinarily, and the last wall I did is actually quite good!

Third, I've played some "Endless Space"... enjoying it, learning the tech tree...

And finally... Volume rendering... This is like Voxel rendering, as one see's in Minecraft, I'm a big fan of minecraft, I'm amazed Java manages to perform so well, so... I may just start a C++ project to learn a bit about this, the real reason being to use my OpenGL skills, and perhaps update them, the last real 3D programming I did was around 2000-2002 when I used it to render shop floor plans for a project at work, since then I've done a shit load (and I mean a shit load) of 2D programming, but I've not managed to get back into 3D.

So, 3D may be my private time research item.

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