Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Most Junior

I've mentioned some of the problems at work recently, and the changes, well how about this one... From feeling as though I was quite a senior position in one department, having moved to another I'm now considered the most junior...

Now, this maybe because of two things, either because I just moved - but I don't think so - people know I've been here years and am the most senior on the projects I work on - or I'm being considered the most junior because I'm the youngest.

Everyone else is over 40, I'm still in my mid-thirties.

I've dealt with this before, when I was 20-21 I was leading a team working for Courtaulds Textiles, instructing far older, technically more senior members of staff around Britan and abroad as to how to carry out projects under my remit.  This was a challenge, not least as I was so baby faced.  This role is in fact why I still to this day sport a beard, because I had to grow a beard to get some of the Morrocco based chaps to actually listen to me.

And now, 20 years into my programming career, I'm doing it again.

I'd not mind so much if one of the people considering themselves above me was not already spouting off about having a PhD, going on and on about learning programming as they've muddled along, and their going on about how "kids today rush programming with their tablets and scripts"... I don't own a tablet, I don't script, I'm thirty five I don't consider myself a kid... and unlike him I did a degree in pure programming, pure software engineering, he's so old computers were still mainframes when he went to Uni, he used punch card to code not a GUI.

Gah, frustrated.

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