Thursday, 5 December 2013

WarThunder, 109's & the Plastering Challenge

I spent a good couple of hours in WarThunder on Saturday night, my first long-ish gaming session in days, and I decided to take my brand new Messerschmitt 109's out... So this was the F4 and F4 Trop.

I have five German crews, so I also took out the 109 E-4 and E-1, and then made the final slot one of my Do217's... Anyway...

I got my arse handed to me in massive derision... Flying the F'4, I was terrible and the opposition so good, so this is a seed step up from rank 6-7, where I was comfy, to 8+...

Now, as I've already mentioned my crew skills are particularly low, so I have no considerable skill points here.

But the level of competition and their skill, especially with the Arcade UFO flight models, they handed me my minced ass right up.

I did better in my rank 5 US crews later, making an average of 6 kills per fly out, and in one case getting 4 air kills and all my teams ground kills (11+) but of all these games played, I got not a single win...

However, I got to do no full real battles, this was because phase one of the man-lab conversion started, I've moved the desk out and took the PC down - so I was playing on my laptop, which never helps - and I've started preparing the walls for work.

Unfortunately the father-in-law has thrown a huge insult at me, when he said "so you'll need a plasterer" and I said... "I can't afford one, so I'm going to have to do it myself"... his instant reply, like this reply came from his gut, without any intervention by his brain or morality, his reply was... "Well that'll be fucking shit".

So, I'm now determined to do it, and do a good job and then refuse to do his plastering if he ever asks... Which he won't, but at least I'll just stick two fingers up in his position.

The problem with setting up at plastering of course, it firstly plastering is an art... and secondly, I'm no artist.... But finally, I have absolutely NO plastering gear.

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