Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thor, Smaug & Computer Chess - Films

Last night the good lady and myself went to see Thor 2... I'd have to agree with Jingles when he called it "Loki 3"... Thor being Loki 1, the Avengers Assemble being Loki 2 and this film being Loki 3.

As adventure fantasy this is a really nice flick, its got some good laughs, though I had to question the recasting of Fandral, and also the changing they've made to Dr Erik Selvig post Avengers Assemble...

I also love how they kept the damage to London to a minimum... It's like, lets tear New York apart, but they darn't do it to London... As it should be.

The next film I plan to go see is Desolation of Smaug... 

However, I've also spotted this potential geek gem on the grape vine...

Though you can, with careful searching, find this whole film listed on YouTube already, not that I've yet taken a look.


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