Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Power Nap

Power nap, so through one thing and another, I've not been sleeping well in the evenings, this has been cutting into family life and of course game time... but its also why I've gotten a few mid-night gaming sessions in.

However, today I think my body is ready to just throw in the towel and let me sleep tonight... I'm not going to get home until at least 19:30 and I'm clearly not going to get to bed much before 22:00... But I hope I sleep right through.

What I have just done is take a power nap, I clocked out and went to my car, it was freezing cold, but I set the seat back and closed my eyes, 10 minutes... and boom I'm back in, the shiver of sleep which was creeping over me has been put at bay, lets hope it holds off.

I don't know how good or bad doing a power nap like that is, I hear tell of a kind of sleep pattern were people get into sleeping for like 10 minutes every 3 hours, and they massivly improve their productivity?  I think certain online gamers I know/knew must have done this, the amount of time they spent raiding and grinding.

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