Saturday, 28 December 2013

Grinding Halt

It was only a matter of time, but it seems my active push of late has finally led me to falling ill, yes I'm really run down, and the holiday season has let me relax enough to let a massively heavy chest attack me.  Nothing like as bad as the proper pneumonia I had earlier in the year, but enough to bring progress on all things house & decoration to a halt.

All I've managed game-wise is to extend my branch mining in Minecraft, and to gain access to the first real zero the A6M2 in WarThunder - yes by proper I mean the one without the fucking floats....

But I really need to get better now, I want, nay need, to finish the room here... I need the two big walls plastering and then the whole thing painting, and then I want to get down the carpet shop and pick out some new threads for me to plod about on...

And then I need to start the laminate flooring downstairs.

This later endeavour is already beset with problems, the foremost being, I don't have a power saw or jig to hold the planks and so it'll be wonky as wonky-McWonkerson.... I need to therefore invest in a mitre saw bench/clamp/something... And then I need to actually prepare the floors, the front room floor has a large bulge in it, near the doorway, which is not conducive to laying a flat laminate floor on top of... gah.

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