Friday, 20 December 2013

Apple iPad v Laptop Drivel

Some of the things you over hear in the office, primarily from the technofeeble, today's gem...

"I'd never go back to a laptop, not since I've had my iPad, its primarily how fast the iPad is"

Really, what laptop did you have?

"An old thing"...

So I'm guessing 512MB of RAM, probably a crippled Celeron Processor and B class wireless... and it's slower than an iPad, no surprise there...

See this... (Reaches into bag)... This is my Core i7 3Ghz Laptop with 12Gb of DDR3 RAM a dedicated nVidia 470GTX graphics card with 2GB of DDR5 and N class wireless... It is a might quicker than your iPad, and wholly more useful, and also not being spied on by their highnesses at Apple.

It's not locked down, I can run Windows, Linux and OSX on this (yes I can in a virtual machine, and I do)... So, really... What does you iPad offer?...

Built in Obsolescence... Check.
Locked down features... Check.
£400 bill for a new one... Check.
No replaceable battery when it wears down... Check.

"But your laptop cost thousands" they retort with a triumphant air...

No, it cost just over £500 two years ago, so its a might less than that now, how much is that new iPad Air you're ordering... £399... really.... so I get all my added power, and usefulness and openness, for £100... sounds a cheap deal, see you on the flip-side, or is that Apple Flipboard?

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