Monday, 11 November 2013

Right, we're in.

I'm back, we're in the new house, we're wired for internet and everything.

I even have my office/desk set up... But, I had to take a half of a wall out to fit the desk, because... the Man lab plan fell at the first hurdle.

The man lab building is huge, but its going to cost thousands to convert into an office.  It needs more than just lining and a floor, it needs basically rebuilding on new footings.

But I have taken the loft room over, and plan on getting up there later.

For now however, lets just say we're in and okay.

I had an epic few games in WarThunder last night, and got a new reward "hero fighter"... I was the highest scoring, highest kill count lowest death count pilot on both teams, my team still lost, but I got the reward, I'll post screen shots later... I wished I'd recorded the match, because it was pretty epic, I got into a head on pass in a Beufighter with like four aircraft... but that ended up in a turning fight with a Pe3 who knew what he was doing with me all shot up... Mind you the friendly P40 who just flew on past didn't help.

Anyway, more to come folks... More from the "Man loft" soon.

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